Monthly Archives: February, 2016

50 Questions

Ok.  Maybe not 50 Questions, but I don’t want to stop and count them all.  I borrowed this from Stacy because I loved reading her answers and laughing at how similar mine are.

Snuck out: No Need.  My mom always knew where I was going
Broken a bone: Thankfully no
Cried myself to sleep: More than I can count
Been arrested: No
Felt lonely: Yes
Been depressed: Yes

Birthday: November 19.  I have an Amazon Wishlist if you want to plan ahead!!
Biggest fear: Losing my loved ones
Dream job: Right where I’m at.  I love the entertainment industry.
Dream car: Mini Convertible
Dream house: Small, beach-front place located somewhere warm

Like someone: Sure.  I have quite a few friends
Love someone: Lots
Have tattoos: Not Yet
Have piercings: Double Ears
Party: With a book on my sofa

Artist: Harry Connick, Jr
Movie: Zoolander, San Andreas
Song: “Good to Be Alive” by Andy Grammer
Netflix series: Making a Murderer
Book: Oh good grief.  I’m addicted and this is an unfair question.
Color: Purple
Animal: English, Black Labs

Twitter or Facebook: Facebook
Twitter or Instagram: Instagram
Facebook or Instagram: Instagram
Coke or Pepsi: Coke Zero
Tea or coffee: Sweet Tea, I’m a Southern Girl
Tacos or pizza: Tacos
Winter or summer: Summer

Get married: Already have
Have kids: No thank you
Swim with sharks: Heck, yes.  Bring it!!
Eat rotten food: No way on earth.  I toss it the day before it expires
Marry a foreigner: This is a strange question.  If I loved them sure.  But I’m not leaving my U.S. of A.

Wordless Wednesday



I have really been enjoying my time with my To Be Read pile lately – I should, it’s large enough!!  I have several amazing finds in there that I just need to dig out and enjoy, but it’s so hard to decide which one will be next.

Currently, I am reading White Walls, which was recommended by Mayim Bialik over on Instagram.  I’ve had it a few weeks, but picked it up again over the weekend and fell in love.  Judy Batalion does a wonderful job on mixing timelines from “present day” to her childhood seamlessly.  You don’t miss a beat trying to figure out where she is or tie the story together.  It’s really interesting to see all the parallels that she has drawn.  I’ve found myself nodding along in agreement and chuckling out loud several times.  “White Walls” is very well done and so far, it’s on my highly recommend list.



Make-Over Monday

Well, after years of wearing jeans and hoodies to work, I’ve decided to revamp my style; clean out my closet and get my act together.  I’m hoping to post each week on something I’ve purchased or acquired that I think has assisted me in this goal.  Any suggestions?  Please feel free to share!!

Here’s my outfit from today:  Top & Leggings were purchased from Kiki LaRue.  Boots and Jewelry were already looking for use inside my closet.  I think this is a huge improvement over my standard wardrobe and I received quite a few compliments!