Make-Over Monday

Well, after years of wearing jeans and hoodies to work, I’ve decided to revamp my style; clean out my closet and get my act together.  I’m hoping to post each week on something I’ve purchased or acquired that I think has assisted me in this goal.  Any suggestions?  Please feel free to share!!

Here’s my outfit from today:  Top & Leggings were purchased from Kiki LaRue.  Boots and Jewelry were already looking for use inside my closet.  I think this is a huge improvement over my standard wardrobe and I received quite a few compliments!



3 responses

  1. love that! I am a horrible “fashion” person. It doesn’t help that I don’t like to shop for clothes. I wish I could just hire someone to go and buy me a few new outfits each season! 🙂

    1. Lori – Have you tried StitchFix? I don’t recommend it for traditional, long-lasting pieces, but for some fun trendy pieces they will shop for you!

  2. That looks so cute on you! Jeans and hoodies are fine too, but that’s a great outfit, I bet it was pretty comfortable too 🙂

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