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Thursday Thirteen – Things I Want to Learn

This meme no longer exists but I’m bring it back on my own…  Thirteen Things I want to Learn:

  1. How to Cook… Or how not to be afraid of my kitchen knives
  2. How to Paddle Board
  3. How to enjoy healthy eating
  4. How to love a good, long run again
  5. How to believe in myself
  6. How to dress – I know my boss would prefer no more hoodies!
  7. How to take care of my nails – I hate them long and never have them taken care of
  8. How to read multiple books at one time – I can only handle one and gravitate to the one I like the best
  9. How to enjoy my life outside of the office
  10. How to enjoy things alone – eating out, traveling, etc.
  11. Texas History – Growing up I knew my Tennessee and North Carolina history.  I’d love to find a class to learn my Texas history since I call this amazing state home now.
  12. How to drive in Dallas – or any other large city
  13. How to go with the flow

What about you?  What would you like to learn?

Thursday 13

My friends brought back this great writing prompt on Facebook, so I thought it would help me get/keep things going here.

Today’s List: “Name thirteen things on your Bucket List!”

1.) See the UK

2.)  See New York City

3.) Visit Salem, MA for Halloween

4.)  Sit and talk to Dick Wolf about his writing and inspiration

5.)  Start my own business and see it succeed.

6.)  Learn how to cook healthy meals for myself

7.)  See Washington, DC

8.)  Enjoy my birthday/Thanksgiving at a beach house in Maine

9.)  Become the encourager and not be the one in need of constant encouragement

10.)  Be in shape – not skinny, but healthy

11.)  Cage dive with Sharks / Cliff Jumping

12.)  Sit on a movie set and observe.  I don’t want to be in the movie, just learn how it’s done.

13.)  See an episode of The Big Bang Theory live in audience