Air Brush Tanning

There are no pictures for this post – Just my honest opinion based on my experience.

Saturday I stepped outside my comfort zone and got my first ever air brush tan.  Now, I had the kind before where you step into a booth, hit a button, follow a pattern and you get sprayed – usually missing some large, random piece of your body that you can’t cover.  But this was stand naked (well almost – I had a disposable thong) in front of someone with a can of spray tan while they made sure to hit every inch of your body with glorious color.  I was terribly embarrassed and worried about this appointment, but I must admit that I ended up being a little more embarrassed by my super white, can’t tan skin.  So I did it!

In less than 15 minutes I went from glowing white to a glorious tan.  It was amazing!  When she was done, I was handed the spray hose and got to air dry myself off.  I had to wait 8 hours before showering and then they recommended that I only rinse off – That was helpful and got the remaining sticky off – Then 24 hours I could use soap.  I have to say – It was worth the 15 minutes of uncomfortable to look in the mirror and have a nice glow.  The chemicals really dry your skin out, so that’s one of the things I’m learning to work with, but overall, I feel like the experience was worth it.  I won’t blind half of the world when I go on vacation soon and need to put on a swimsuit or shorts, so I think 15 minutes a week is well worth my time – Next appointment is Friday night and I can’t wait!!!

2 responses

  1. I would say I am too modest but I treat myself to the occasional bikini wax so I bet I could do this! LOL!

  2. Oh my, you are braver than words can say! I could never ever in a million years do that. I’ll live with my pasty white cow self before I ever do that, but BRAVO to you! 🙂 Enjoy the trip back and your resulting glorious tan 🙂 Much safer than the outside cancer causing kind!

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