Monthly Archives: October, 2015

Thursday 13

My friends brought back this great writing prompt on Facebook, so I thought it would help me get/keep things going here.

Today’s List: “Name thirteen things on your Bucket List!”

1.) See the UK

2.)  See New York City

3.) Visit Salem, MA for Halloween

4.)  Sit and talk to Dick Wolf about his writing and inspiration

5.)  Start my own business and see it succeed.

6.)  Learn how to cook healthy meals for myself

7.)  See Washington, DC

8.)  Enjoy my birthday/Thanksgiving at a beach house in Maine

9.)  Become the encourager and not be the one in need of constant encouragement

10.)  Be in shape – not skinny, but healthy

11.)  Cage dive with Sharks / Cliff Jumping

12.)  Sit on a movie set and observe.  I don’t want to be in the movie, just learn how it’s done.

13.)  See an episode of The Big Bang Theory live in audience