Make-Over Monday

Well, after years of wearing jeans and hoodies to work, I’ve decided to revamp my style; clean out my closet and get my act together.  I’m hoping to post each week on something I’ve purchased or acquired that I think has assisted me in this goal.  Any suggestions?  Please feel free to share!!

Here’s my outfit from today:  Top & Leggings were purchased from Kiki LaRue.  Boots and Jewelry were already looking for use inside my closet.  I think this is a huge improvement over my standard wardrobe and I received quite a few compliments!


Writing Prompt #1

“A friend of yours from the NSA calls. She says that for just one hour, she will let you listen to the conversations of any two people in the world. Whose conversations do you listen to and what do they say?”

  • First I would choose a random US Solider calling home to talk to his wife and kids. He would tell them what he could about his day and listen gratefully to them talk about theirs. The call would end with repeated I Love Yous and a promise to talk again as soon as possible.
  • My second choice would be Ryan Seacrest. Conversations with him must be totally entertaining as he covers all manner of entertainment and pop culture news. I think it would fun to hear his first-hand knowledge and inside information.

Thursday 13

My friends brought back this great writing prompt on Facebook, so I thought it would help me get/keep things going here.

Today’s List: “Name thirteen things on your Bucket List!”

1.) See the UK

2.)  See New York City

3.) Visit Salem, MA for Halloween

4.)  Sit and talk to Dick Wolf about his writing and inspiration

5.)  Start my own business and see it succeed.

6.)  Learn how to cook healthy meals for myself

7.)  See Washington, DC

8.)  Enjoy my birthday/Thanksgiving at a beach house in Maine

9.)  Become the encourager and not be the one in need of constant encouragement

10.)  Be in shape – not skinny, but healthy

11.)  Cage dive with Sharks / Cliff Jumping

12.)  Sit on a movie set and observe.  I don’t want to be in the movie, just learn how it’s done.

13.)  See an episode of The Big Bang Theory live in audience

Get to Know All About Me – Part II

N : NeedCoke Zero.  This should really say water, but I’m too stressed to get there

O : Orange or AppleApple.  I’m not a citrus kind of girl

P : Place to Shop : Hallmark.  I still believe in the power of a card.

Q : Quote“Make sure your worst enemy is not living between your own two ears.”

R : RestaurantLos Molcajetes Mexican Restaurant or Chick-Fil-A

S : Singer/BandI’m in a One Direction / 5 Seconds of Summer mood.  Yes, I’m 12.

T : T.V. ShowChicago Fire.  Old school TV – Law & Order and Scarecrow & Mrs. King

U : Unique InterestReading about World War II

V : Vanilla or ChocolateChocolate

W : Walmart or TargetWalmart.  Target had my credit card stolen once and I have a hard time going back.

X : Xtra Credit (You Decide) I’m a major introvert with a lot of strong opinions…

Y : Yogurt Shop (Frozen) : I don’t usually do yogurt.  But I love Shaved Ice!

Z : Zoo AnimalPandas!!

Get to Know All About Me – Part I

I saw this fun little survey on Pinterest as a get to know your teacher form.  I thought some of the questions were great though.

A : Author : Wow!  The first one and it’s already hard.  I love to read so choosing one isn’t possible, but if I have to I am going to go with Dick Wolf.  Not only does he have an amazing book series out, he’s the main man behind Law & Order; Chicago Fire and Chicago PD!

B : Birthday : My birthday is right around Thanksgiving.  November 19.  Every year.

C: Candy : I haven’t really met a candy I didn’t like, but my favorite will always be Peanut Butter Cups!

D : Dislikes : So many…  Corn.  Actually I love corn.  It just hates me.

E: Essential Item : A book in my hand.  I don’t leave the house without one.

F: Flower :  Flowers are beautiful.  I love yellow roses and tulips.

G : Gold or Silver : Platinum… 🙂

H : Hue (Color) : Purple all the way!

I : Ice Cream : My options here are limited, so I usually buy Breyers Neapolitan

J : January or July : I live in Texas – It’s hard to claim July, but I totally do.

K : Kids (#) :  I have one fur-kid named Vader

L : Lemon of Lime :  I’m pretty equal on these.  They both have their uses and I can sub them in and out of my water pretty easily. 

M : Magazine :  The only magazine I receive is Entertainment Weekly.


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