Get to Know All About Me – Part I

I saw this fun little survey on Pinterest as a get to know your teacher form.  I thought some of the questions were great though.

A : Author : Wow!  The first one and it’s already hard.  I love to read so choosing one isn’t possible, but if I have to I am going to go with Dick Wolf.  Not only does he have an amazing book series out, he’s the main man behind Law & Order; Chicago Fire and Chicago PD!

B : Birthday : My birthday is right around Thanksgiving.  November 19.  Every year.

C: Candy : I haven’t really met a candy I didn’t like, but my favorite will always be Peanut Butter Cups!

D : Dislikes : So many…  Corn.  Actually I love corn.  It just hates me.

E: Essential Item : A book in my hand.  I don’t leave the house without one.

F: Flower :  Flowers are beautiful.  I love yellow roses and tulips.

G : Gold or Silver : Platinum… 🙂

H : Hue (Color) : Purple all the way!

I : Ice Cream : My options here are limited, so I usually buy Breyers Neapolitan

J : January or July : I live in Texas – It’s hard to claim July, but I totally do.

K : Kids (#) :  I have one fur-kid named Vader

L : Lemon of Lime :  I’m pretty equal on these.  They both have their uses and I can sub them in and out of my water pretty easily. 

M : Magazine :  The only magazine I receive is Entertainment Weekly.


One response

  1. You know I love E – essential item! Amen!! 🙂

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